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Mike Abelson has been a friend and consult for over 30 years. He is an highly ethical person who has a heart of gold and always wants to help

— Jimmy Richman

I have known Michael Abelson for many years and found him to be an extremely personable, honest and hard working attorney . As a physician, I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.

— Stephen Kornfeld

I have had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Michael A Abelson for almost thirty years. Michael is a first class lawyer who does his preparation. He treats every client as family. He is tenacious, and he is genuine. Michael is well respected by other attorneys and has earned a reputation as one of the finest personal injury lawyer in Washington DC. Among other matters, he handles medical malpractice cases and automobile accidents. I highly recommend Michael for anyone who has been seriously injured by the negligence of another person.

— Ahlam Kays

My name is Margaret Rohan and I am writing on behalf of personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer Michael A. Abelson. Mr. Abelson treats his clients with great respect, and fights nobly as a representative of seriously injured individuals in need. He carefully constructs his cases, catering to his clients and utilizing his 40 years of experience in the legal profession to create the best possible representation. He truly invests himself in his clients and their cases, and represents them with passion and enthusiasm. As a recipient of the DC Trial Lawyer of the Year Award, Attorney Michael Abelson is a highly respected member of the legal community.

I enthusiastically recommend Attorney Abelson to anyone who has been seriously injured by a negligent person or company.

— Margaret Rohan

I found Mike Abelson to be a very experienced and professional car accident attorney in the Washington DC area. Mike has proven that he has a great desire to see his clients receive fair and just compensation and that’s why I would recommend Mike to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

— Michael Gardner

I have had the real pleasure of knowing Mike Abelson for a number of years. He has been of great assistance in matters that needed both high levels of expertise and rapid response. In addition to being highly personable, it is clear that Mr. Abelson’s thorough grasp of complex issues, his significant courtroom abilities, and his understanding of the human side of stressful legal matters, combine to set him apart. Hence, for my money, he is uniquely qualified. I would highly recommend Mike Abelson and his firm for those seeking the best possible advocacy.

— Walter Hosey, CIV USAF AFPEO/CM

Two years ago I was hit by a drunk driver while walking home from a party in DC. I was very lucky in two ways. The first one being that I survived with minimal injury and the second that I had Michael Abelson as a friend and attorney. I was working part time when the accident occurred so I did not have health insurance. I also held partial fault in the accident so my chances of compensation were bleak. When Mr. Abelson learned of the incident he immediately took my case no questions asked. I have not had much experience in dealing with lawyer, but I think I can say that The Abelson Law Firm, went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he manage to get me full compensation for all of my medical bills, but I also had money left over to pay for therapy to help deal with any post traumatic issues I had immediately following the accident. I always had an immediate response with phone calls and emails and Michael Abelson always did a good job of explaining everything that was happening and reassuring me he was doing everything he possible could. The consequences of the accident could have definitely hindered potential and opportunities I had for the future, but with retaining The Abelson Law Firm, my life only became richer and more fulfilled. He and the firm were a blessing and I would recommend this firm to anyone!

— Polly Monson

When a person is injured, their individual ability to seek justice is hampered by the struggle to simply survive what’s happened to them. Any and all energy is focused on rehabilitation and attempting to recover to some sort of decent quality of life…to find a way to go on. Essentially, the victim is terribly weak, vulnerable and frightened, while the process of seeking restitution requires tremendous strength, bravery and tenacity. This is when it is vital to secure the services of an attorney or law firm that will effectively and voraciously fulfill their role as the victim’s legal representative. Michael Abelson is, without a doubt, just this type of attorney. He is not swayed by legal challenges or difficulties. Using his extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, he will relentlessly pursue justice on the victim’s behalf allowing the victim to focus on recovery, confident that they have the very finest legal representation who has their best interests at heart. With much gratitude, I highly recommend The Abelson Law Firm.

— Christa Orsino

Michael Abelson is an outstanding professional and takes to heart the cases that he works on. I have seen him in action and I know that if you are a victim of a serious injury (physical or mental), and Michael is your attorney, you will not have better legal representation. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are compensated for any and all expenses…and then some…relating to your injury. He is confidential, warm, brilliant (particularly when it comes to malpractice issues), and there is no case too big or too small to present to him. If he feels that there is the slightest chance to help, he won’t hesitate for a second. Michael is the best of the best. I was very fortunate to have had him on my side.

— Ellen Rogoff

I have had the occasion to work with The Abelson Law Firm, on a personal matter and I recommend the firm highly. My recommendation stems from observing Mr. Michael Abelson with regard to his interactions with me as his client. My well-being, interests, and ultimate success were always on his mind. If real estate is defined to be about location, location, location, then Michael Abelson’s practice is best defined to be about clients come first, clients come first, clients come first. In my case, not only the experience was gratifying but it was also rewarding. The firm’s capacity to delve into the most minutiae of details are key to its success. Recommend the firm highly.

— Farid Ghadry

I have known Michael Abelson from the time he graduated law school. He has had a remarkable legal career, distinguishing himself as one of the finest personal injury attorneys in the country. I have seen him obtain favorable judgements in the most difficult cases. A true client advocate, I recommend Michael to people seeking a highly experienced attorney who has a proven record of success.

— Jeffrey Freedman

Michael is a super trial lawyer and a great person. He works hard to get his clients the best results. It has been a privilege to work with Michael over the years, since 2001, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to people who need representation for their injuries, or worse, the wrongful death of a loved one. Michael gets great results!

— Attorney Stewart Greenberg – Miami, Florida

Mike Abelson is an incredible lawyer. He is thoughtful, intelligent and cares deeply about his clients. He is a straight shooter who produces results for his clients. I have known Mike for twenty years and his ability to handle complex and serious matters is uncanny. He also has a warm and engaging personality. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for the top person to be in their corner.

— Jonathan Missner

Attorney Michael Abelson possesses an extraordinary legal mind. He also has a great track record of success representing individuals in personal injury cases. Michael’s commitment to his clients’ interests is second to none in the legal profession. He exemplifies the word “advocate”. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

— Barton Russell

Michael Abelson is sharp witted, a clear thinker, and incisive . I found him to be clearly goal oriented. His focus was always on the best interest of the client, me. We achieved a fabulous result. I would use his service again any time and I gladly recommend him to any friend who requires a really great attorney.

— Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers, Washington DC.

I’ve worked with Michael and found him to be incredibly professional and thorough in working with his clients. I think what makes him unique is that it’s very clear his clients are more than a case file on his desk. He remembers they are people and responds to them as such. I’d recommend him confidently.

— Brooks Richey

Michael Abelson is one of the best attorneys I’ve come across. He involves himself very much with his clients always gaining great insight into their needs and best solutions. His dedication and integrity have earned him deep respect from clients as well as colleagues. His employees respect him a lot and often work for him for many years. Mr. Abelson keeps abreast of the latest laws and regulations and works with a significant number of subject matter experts that greatly enhance his law practice. I strongly recommend him as a litigation attorney.

— David Tamayo, Fairfax, VA

Michael started out as a customer of mine and quickly turned into a lifelong friend. We have since shared the business relationship on many occasions and all of the occurrences have been positive. I would recommend Michael Abelson to anyone who is interested in having an intense, bright, and tenacious lawyer to represent them in court or a friend you can depend on in life.

— David Prokopchak, Owner, Summit Design & Construction Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

Michael is highly regarded as one of the nation’s top Personal Injury Attorneys. He is a former American Trial Lawyer of the Year & has extensive experience & expertise. I highly recommend Michael to anyone that is seeking the brightest expert in Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice Law.

— David Abelson, Wealth Advisor Senior VP, CFP, CIMA, Morgan Stanley, Oldsmar, Florida

Michael is a very intelligent attorney who knows the laws and utilizes resources like very few attorneys I have worked with. In my opinion, his creativity and thinking out-of-the-box abilities is unique to the legal profession. In addition, he is one of the brightest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for proper representation in all areas of Michael’s expertise.

— Jon Capon, Owner, Valcourt Building Services, Arlington, VA

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Michael Abelson as a recognized leader in the field of personal injury law. Mike is held in high regard by the plaintiffs’ bar in the Washington DC area he was named Lawyer of the Year award by the Trial Lawyers Association of Washington, D.C. He is a tenacious advocate for justice. I have known Mike for over 40 years as a respected colleague and a great friend.

— Robert Shuman, President, Robert A. Shuman Associates, P.C., Sharon, MA

I worked as an associate attorney with Michael at The Abelson Law Firm, for over five years. Michael is a wonderful lawyer and I learned a great deal during the time I worked with him. Michael tirelessly seeks justice for each and every client and renders legal services in a professional and compassionate manner.

— Attorney Elizabeth Farbman, Youngstown, OH

I’ve worked with Michael and found him to be incredibly professional and thorough in working with his clients. I think what makes him unique is that it’s very clear his clients are more than a case file on his desk. He remembers they are people and responds to them as such. Knock on wood, I would not require his services, but if I did, I’d definitely call Michael.

— Brooks Richey, Owner, Adhocracy LLC, Philadelphia, PA

I have known and worked with Michael for the past two years. He is one of the most compassionate individuals I have had the pleasure of dealing with in quite some time. He is attentive and creative in his work. He is professional and works diligently to secure the proper outcome for his clients. Above all, Michael is personable and a real pleasure to deal with even during periods of stress and occasional setbacks which can inevitably occur in his particular field of law. I would recommend Michael without hesitation.

— Philip Schoenfeld M.D., Washington D.C.

Michael Abelson is a very experienced litigator. I’ve personally worked with him on several cases and have been impressed with his skills. I highly recommend him.

— Joseph Abromovitz Esq., Boston, MA

Michael and I have associated as lawyer representing a profoundly injured child. Michael is an outstanding trial lawyer and passionately represents his clients. He is extremely bright, articulate and creative, but more importantly he deeply cares about the people he represents. I hold Michael in the highest regard and I look forward to working with him in the future.

— Dan Hannula, Owner, Rush Hannula Harkin and Kyler, Tacoma, WA

Michael is a leader in his profession, dedicated and effective. His service to his clients is top notch and I have and will continue to recommend Michael as among the best.

— Charles Rock, Esq., Newburgh, NY

Mr. Abelson deserves his reputation as one of the top trial lawyer in the United States. He is thoughtful, thorough and focused. Most importantly, he always seems to win his cases.

— Burton Waisbren, M.D., Cape Shore Cardiology, Cape May, NJ

Michael is an exceptional attorney, with the highest integrity and honesty. He takes a personal interest in his clients and I would recommend him without reservation. Besides using his services as an attorney, I have worked with him (as an expert witness) on litigation cases.

— Jay Katzen M.D., Alexandria, VA

Mike Abelson is a lawyer’s lawyer, peerless in his skill, professionalism, and integrity. His greatest concern is always for his clients, and he spares no effort in vigorously advancing their interests with the rare combination of judicious attention to detail and fair-minded spirit.

— Chris Mitchell, Attorney, Stein Mitchell and Muse, Washington D.C.

Michael Abelson is sharp witted, a clear thinker, and incisive. I found him to be clearly goal oriented. His focus was always on the best interest of the client, me. We achieved a fabulous result. I would use his service again any time and I gladly recommend him to any friend who requires a really great attorney.

— Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers, Washington D.C.

Our experience with Mr. Michael Abelson happened when he represented the family in a civil case in the State of Maryland in 2007. Michael is one of the few people we know whose personality and demeanor project a sense of comfort that judges and jury find very heartening. His charisma combined with sensible legal arguments have proven, in our case, to be very effective tools of persuasion. Mr. Abelson has a human side as well that few people get to see, which in his profession is a breath of fresh air. We recommend him highly for his commitment, integrity, passion, and enthusiasm in the work he excels at.

— Farid Ghadry, Potomac, MD

Mike is a committed, experienced and effective advocate for injured parties in a multitude of claims situations. He’s sympathetic & empathetic with his clients, but is objective and know legible about the claims and litigation processes.

— Tom Appler, Esq., McClean, VA

I have had the privilege of knowing Mike professionally and personally. It was seeing first hand his compassion, empathy, sincerity and dedication to his clients that ultimately was the catalyst for me that led us down the road to a friendship as well. He is the kind of attorney you want representing you and certainly someone I am happy to call my friend.

— Cheryl Stern, Investigator, Crawford’s Legal Services, Rockville, MD

I strongly recommend Michael as an attorney with great professionalism, intelligence and effectiveness.

— Stefanos Panou, Senior Buyer, AEGEK, Athens, Greece

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