Foot, Ankle, & Knee Injuries from Maryland Car Accidents

Foot, knee, or ankle injuries are common in car accidents in Washington DC A car accident can be very hard on the lower extremities, particularly if you are the driver of the vehicle, as your knees are typically only a few inches from the dash, steering wheel and pedals.

In a car accident, a driver or passenger’s legs may buckle underneath the dashboard upon impact, potentially causing a variety of leg injuries. Even a relatively low-speed impact may exert tremendous force.

There are 60 bones in the feet, knees and ankles that may suffer an injury in a car accident. The human foot and ankle also have 26 separate bones. In addition to the bones found in the feet, knees and ankles, there are also numerous ligaments, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues that hold everything together and provide flexibility and movement.

In a car crash, most people slam their feet on the floor in a reflexive attempt to brace for the impact. That reflexive motion may actually increase the likelihood of a foot or ankle injury because it basically aligns the bones perfectly for a forceful impact that can fracture the bones or stretch or tear ligaments, muscles or tendons.

Within the knee itself there are four bones – the tibia, patella, femur and fibula. The knee contains the largest and most complicated joint found in the body. The joint connects the two longest bones in the body – the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). Knees are very vulnerable under the best of circumstances because they typically carry significant weight and must also be flexible. A car accident can cause an already weak or vulnerable knee joint to become seriously injured.

Types of Foot, Knee & Ankle Injuries

Some of the more common injuries to feet, knees and ankles that are sustained in a car accident include:

  • Fractures – A broken bone in the foot, knee or ankle is a common crash injury, particularly when the impact is severe, such as in a head-on or rear-end collision. Foot fractures are also common injuries because most people reflexively extend their feet out in an attempt to brace for an impending collision. This extension makes a fracture more likely.
  • Dashboard knee – Because of the close proximity of a driver or front seat passenger’s knee to the dashboard, a knee injury sustained in a car accident is often referred to as “dashboard knee.” In a recent study of 74 collisions that resulted in 153 injuries, there were 69 knee injuries. Of those, 51 were mild, 10 were considered moderate, and 8 were classified as severe. A “dashboard knee” injury can cause anything from bruising around the knee to open wounds resulting in damaged ligaments, muscles, and tendons or broken bones.
  • Sprains and strains —A sprain is an injury that involves the stretching or tearing of ligaments, while a strain involves stretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. A sprain often occurs when a ligament is flexed past its normal range. A strain occurs when a muscle is significantly stretched suddenly and then contracted just as rapidly. The muscles, tendons and ligaments around the ankle are susceptible to these types of injuries in a car accident.

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