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Thousands of construction workers sustain serious injuries or are killed in accidents each year. An injury at a construction site may lead to liability on the part of the owners, contractors, architects and manufacturers of equipment who are responsible for the safety of the site. The owner, general contractor and all subcontractors are required by law to provide a reasonably safe worksite. However, safety is often times overlooked and accidents occur. Accidents such as a fall from a ladder, scaffold or other height.

The Abelson Law Firm, has had substantial experience in handling cases involving catastrophic injuries to window washers who descend high rise buildings via a suspended scaffold or descent control device. These cases have involved defectively dangerous equipment, as well as the failure of a building owner to provide safe access from the rooftop.

The manufacturers of construction equipment may also be liable for injuries that result from unsafe products. Examples of unsafe or dangerous products are defective scaffolding, unsafe cranes, power tools, forklifts, back hoes, and various other types of construction equipment.

A general contractor generally has an obligation to notify power companies to de-energize power lines when it is anticipated that workers may come into contact with a high voltage power line. Our firm has handled electrocution cases such as this.

Our lawyer can help to investigate responsible third parties in the event of an accident involving serious injury. We will also consider whether a claim exists against the owner and/or the general contractor, who may be responsible for the negligent supervision of the site.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards to help construction site employers adequately protect their employees.

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The lawyer at The Abelson Law Firm, have substantial experience handling construction accident cases. If you or a family member have suffered an injury from a construction site accident, contact our Washington DC construction accident lawyer for a free consultation.

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