On-Board Recorders May Reduce Truck Driver Fatigue

by The Abelson Law Firm
August 27, 2013

The U.S. Department of Transportation plans to propose a rule that would require electronic on-board recorders, or electronic logging devices, on commercial trucks. The department expects the requirement will reduce fatigue-related truck accidents, because it will encourage compliance with the hours-of-service rules.

These recorders would track how much a truck driver drives, discouraging excessive work and stress that lead to fatigue. According to the Department of Transportation, the rule would establish standards for the devices, require that all drivers use them, require supporting hours-of- service documents, and include safeguards to ensure that employers and transportation officials do not use the devices in order to harass drivers. Truck drivers have expressed concern that the devices could lead to harassment by employers, trucking companies, inspectors and enforcement officers.

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